• sideloader-timber
  • heavy lifting
  • Conserve your capital
  • Man up picker
  • narrow aisles
  • narrow aisles
  • Low maintenance heavy duty side loader.

    made strong for the timber industry.
  • make light work of big loads.

    save up to 30% more space in your yard or factory.
  • conserve your valuable capital.

    rent a side loader for around $150.00 per day.
  • simplify stock picking.

    our man up picking solutions are just the answer.
  • reduce your aisles.

    we can save you up to 45% on your aisle space, call us today.
  • we just don't service our own equipment.

    we can service any make model or size of forklift truck fleet, call us today.

Forklift Parts Melbourne

Storage optimisation

Have you ever heard someone say “the warehouse is at full capacity”? If you can open the door and walk in, it is not at full capacity. What the person is really saying is that the warehouse systems are at full capacity. That is when you contact us for advice. This is where International Forklifts can assist with their range of flexible forklift side loaders, multi directional and 4 way side loader stackers. The BP and Fiora products are in every way more flexible than any other forklift trucks you have experienced; easier to operate and can be called the ultimate multi-tasking forklift ever designed. You will not be disappointed when you try one.

Inspecting your application.

We ask questions about your stock levels and the rotation of this stock, we identify where you presently keep this stock and the type of goods you handle. We observe the whole storage environment, equipment used and driver proficiency.

Selection the right equipment.

By now we have a good idea where we can help you and of course it will be one of our multi directional or 4 way side loader, because nothing beats this equipment for versatility, driver usability and speed of operation. At this stage we have a full picture of your operation and can comfortable discuss the equipment choices available, ‘tyres’- best suited for the floor surface and work conditions, ‘mast type’ – lift height and free lift options, ‘driver position’ side facing or front facing, ‘power system’ you see we have electric or combustion engine driven equipment and more.

Review of final benefits.

Our solution package can be structured so you start to see benefits straight away. We are able to offer a standard purchase or lease agreement or a long term forklift rental. The final result comes down to you. Please consider this, as a rule, expanding an existing warehouse or finding or building a warehouse takes four or five years. Simply put, if you fail to project your needs and to plan continuously to meet them, you could be the person who says the building is at full capacity.

Steering options

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  • 4 Way steering system - Works well with a guide rail system to control the direction of travel.

  • Mult-Directional steering - Is able to turn in it's own length to get in and out tight areas

  • Our experienced engineers can assist you in making a decission on the type of steering system that is best for you. 

Seating position

Forklift Parts Service Melbourne
  • Front Facing Seat - This ensures a comfortable position to drive and allows a perfect sight in all directions.

  • Side Facing Seat - The operator can easily enter and exit the machine even when the truck is between racks.

  • Our experienced engineers can assist you in making a decission on the type of cabin layout that is best for you. 


Tyre Options

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  • Polyurethane tyres are hard wearing and great for working on dry treated surfaces

  • Cushion tyres are a heavy duty general purpose tyre for all surfaces

  • Super elastic tyres work well on wet or dry hard surfaces for maximum traction