• sideloader-timber
  • heavy lifting
  • Conserve your capital
  • Man up picker
  • narrow aisles
  • narrow aisles
  • Low maintenance heavy duty side loader.

    made strong for the timber industry.
  • make light work of big loads.

    save up to 30% more space in your yard or factory.
  • conserve your valuable capital.

    rent a side loader for around $150.00 per day.
  • simplify stock picking.

    our man up picking solutions are just the answer.
  • reduce your aisles.

    we can save you up to 45% on your aisle space, call us today.
  • we just don't service our own equipment.

    we can service any make model or size of forklift truck fleet, call us today.

Forklift Trucks Melbourne

Long loads.

Long loads are considered goods that are 6 meters in length or longer. They require a certain type of forklift trucks to handle these goods. If you use the wrong type of equipment you could possible be taking up too much floor space or even risking damage to propererty or people. Our range of specialised long load stackers and 4 way/Multi Directional sideloaders could be the answer you are looking for.

Lifting methods

Forklift Trucks Melbourne
  • Our main consideration for handling heavy, extra long loads is that the load must be fully supported and secured before transporting. 

  • If a load is allowed to sag or flex whilst transporting this can effect to load stability and cause it to possible fall so endangering others.

  • Our experienced engineers can assist you in making a decission on the type of lifting system that is best for you. 

versatile & manoeuvrable

Forklift Parts Service
  • The turning circle of the BP 25 ton capacity sideloader is less than that of a comparable counter-balanced fork lift 

  • There is not an application that we can not satisfy with our range of range of Diesel, LPG or Electric Battery powered side loaders, no load is too big or small.

  • Our small range of all-wheel drive multi-directional forklifts , which are now available in Australia are able to increase your productivity compared to conventional forklift variants and thus make marked cost savings.

Secure Handling

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  • Unlike a counter balanced forklift truck, the BP sideloader can manoeuvre with the mast raised without affecting the stability of the truck. For safety, when travelling long distances it is a good practice is to lower the load.

  • This example shows clearly that picking up and transporting a load of this size need not take up much space, in fact you only need a 3 meter aisle to traverse down.  

  • Equiped with a powerful diesel/or LPG engine a side loader of this type can work just about anywhere inside or outside with ease.