• sideloader-timber
  • heavy lifting
  • Conserve your capital
  • Man up picker
  • narrow aisles
  • narrow aisles
  • Low maintenance heavy duty side loader.

    made strong for the timber industry.
  • make light work of big loads.

    save up to 30% more space in your yard or factory.
  • conserve your valuable capital.

    rent a side loader for around $150.00 per day.
  • simplify stock picking.

    our man up picking solutions are just the answer.
  • reduce your aisles.

    we can save you up to 45% on your aisle space, call us today.
  • we just don't service our own equipment.

    we can service any make model or size of forklift truck fleet, call us today.

Forklift Truck for Sale Melbourne

Heavy lifting

Any counterbalanced forklift lifting up to 25 tons will be extremly large and take up a whole lot of space. Our Heavy lifting side loaders take up half as much space and are more flexible in what they can do.

Reputations are made or broken when it comes to heavy lifting applications. Heavy lifting forklift trucks are made extremely strong in all areas to withstand the enormouse stresses applied to all the components when lifting and transporting. We set a strict guidelines that all our heavy lifting forklift side loaders must conform to, they must be equipped with a heavy duty turbo diesel engines and pneumatic tires suitable to operate indoor and outdoor over all types of surfaces and under all weather conditions. They must be powerful and strong,and be able to handle and transport heavy and bulky loads with total safety. 

Ergonomically designed

Forklift Trucks for Sales

Operating B-P HT25 model side loader is fast, easy and safe. The cabin is large, ergonomic and mounted on silent blocks utilizing noise cancelling system. At the heart of this big side loader is a set of heavy components that make this a world leader in lifting technology.

Cost effective

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Storage space is expensive, but it is more expensive when you have to relocate because you have run out of it. More goods stored in a given space is more cost effective, better driver experience and greater manouverability these are a few of the benefits that come from choosing a BP heavy capacity side loader.

Smoother, quieter operation

Forklift for Sale Melbourne

The heart and soul of our big trucks is the engine power and transmission package. We provide the best available options for both items as they are to deliver higher horsepower capability, reduced maintenance, and smoother, quieter operation. Both units have been designed to take noise out at the source. This makes for a more comfortable working environment for the operator.