Fiora side loaders and man up order pickers.



About Fiora


FIORA specializes in designing and building  Multi-directional  and 4 Way directional forklift trucks for use in narrow and very narrow aisles.

The range of standard machines consists of:
1. Lateral lift trucks version LT: trucks with operator on board sitting in the cabin both in lateral and front positions. Capacities range from 1500 kg to 6000 kg and lift heights beyond 10 meters.

2. Picking lateral lift trucks version PK Series offer man-up, ergonomically designed cabins with state of the art lift and travel controls,so that operators can pick goods with maximum safety. Capacities range from 1000 kg to 3500 kg and lift heights beyond 10 meters.

Ergonomically Designed


4 Way side loader video


Multi-Directional Side Loader VIDEO


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4 Way Side Loader Series


About 4-way-side Loaders


A 4-Way describes the way that the hydraulically actuated front wheels are poitioned when travelling. The forklift can travel in a grid type pattern, that is front and reverses or either right or left with infinate amount of direction change via the steering wheels. They are best suited to working within a defined racking or storage area handling long oversized loads that uses a guide rail system to control the direction of travel.

Best used in guided aisles


Multi-Directional Side loaders


About Multi-Directional Side loaders


The Multi-Directional truck has all the same attributes as the 4-Way unit but has added maneuverability being able to turn in it's own length to get in and out tight areas. It is also very effective when unloading/loading vehicles or working in a guided aisle racking system

Best used in guided aisles


Multi Directional Man Up Pickers


About Man Up Pickers


The PK- Series, features a 'Man-up' raised cabin complete with raise/lower controls and forward/reverse facilities, this unit allows easy access to pick and pack order from any level. The unit is also equipped with a set of fork tines so the operator can carry out normal duties of lifting and depositing goods in racks or general warehouse duties. Capacity ranging from 1000 kg to 3500 kg.

Picking made easy