BP Battioni & Pagani diesel, LPG and electric side loaders.


BP Battioni & Pagani has been pioneering the Side Loader market since 1959 and it is a well known leader in design and manufacturing of lift trucks. Today Battioni & Pagani produces a wide range of Diesel Hydrostatic Side Loaders. Battioni & Pagani is an ISO9001 certified company and with more than 10,000 trucks delivered to 80 countries Battioni & Pagani is recognized for its proven track record of consistent delivery of quality and reliability to its customers worldwide.

The 'H' and 'HT/UP Series Side Loaders




The 'H' and 'HT/UP Series Side Loaders with turbo diesel engine and optional Hydrostatic or Power shift transmissions are equipped with pneumatic tires suitable to operate indoor and outdoor over all types of grounds and under all weather conditions. Powerful and strong, this side loader can handle and transport heavy and bulky loads with total safety.

Excellent For Large Bulky Loads


The 'H' and 'HT/EL Series Side Loaders


Electric Side Loaders - State of the art technology


The H-HT/EL series electronic side loader models are designed for handling long goods indoor and outdoor over even and uneven grounds,providing about eight hours continuous operation from a single charge. The excellent manoeuvrability enables the operator an easy and fast transport of materials directly from the working areas to storage areas optimizing the utilized warehouse space.

Long Loads Handled With Ease


The 'QL' Series 4-Way Reach Stacker


4-WAY Diesel and LPG


The 'QL' Series 4-Way Reach Stackers are particularly suited for outdoor and indoor handling of long materials over even and uneven grounds thanks to the large wheels. It is particularly used for stacking of heavy and bulky goods on cantilevers and racks and to drive in narrow spaces thanks to its small turning radius (it can move front-side-rotation wise with 3 driving and steering wheels). The QL- Series make for easy driving and handling of the loads

Can get in and out of tight places


The ML-T Series Multi-directional Reach Stackers

 Multi-directional Reach Stackers

About The ML-T Series Reach Stackers


The electronic multidirectional lift truck model ML-T Series is specifically designed for handling long goods in narrow/small indoor spaces such as warehouses. It can operate outdoors and can be equipped with supereleastic tires. This model is equipped with AC electronic system and it is completely controlled by an on board computer (CAN BUS technology). The ML-T Series can move in all directions (side–front–diagonal–rotation ways) and provides very good maneuverability to the operator.

This ML-T series side loader is 4 forklifts in one 

 Multi-directional Reach Stacker video